Review Policy

For any authors who would me to review their book, please read the following:

At this time, I am only accepting YA, MG, and NA fiction books. I will read all genres, but am partial to sci-fi, fantasy, and contemporary. I accept both indie and traditionally published books.

I will accept already released or ARC copies, in ebook or hardcopy formats.

I reserve the right to accept or reject your query, and will do my best to reply back to you in a few days with a response.

All books will be reviewed in a timely manner, one to two months after receiving them. I post all my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I will not post a review if I cannot finish the book.

My reviews are fair and honest. I include a mixture of things I like and didn't like about a book. I am an honest reviewer, and will provide praise as well constructive criticism. I rate my books using a 1-5 system, including half ratings.

My email is

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